Access Control Services

Access control involves a keyless entry system that is perfect in business settings. Employers can track entry logs, set specific time frames for building access, and can easily add and remove employees on their access list. Instead of having to change locks every time your team changes, you can simply update the settings in your access control system.

What is an Access Control System?

This is an electronically controlled, keyless entry system that can be installed on all doors leading into your building. This system is fully monitored on an online network, where you can see who comes in and out of your property on a regular basis. Worried about a power outage? This system has a battery backup that can last up to 20 hours. If you’re unable to come back online after this time has passed, don’t worry. Your original lock can stay right where it is without interfering with the access control system, and will still get you inside your building when electricity is down.

How Does Access Control Work?

Your local commercial locksmith will install electronic sensors on the outside of your building’s main entrance doors. A card or keychain can be scanned to trigger the electronic lock mechanism in the door and open it electronically. This system can be installed on virtually any kind of door, and won’t interfere with the original locks that are already in place. The card reader can be added to any door frame itself or wall. The sensor is durable and specially designed to withstand the elements, so you don’t have to worry about the system not working due to a worn-down sensor.

Who Needs an Access Control System?

If you are the owner of a business, warehouse, office, or large establishment, having access control on your property is an easy and convenient way to keep your staff secure while also giving them easy access to your building during your predetermined hours. The access control system is heavily customizable, so you can set who can enter your building and at what time.

When planning for employee turnover, you don’t have to worry about copied keys. Whether you have to let go of a team member or they decide to quit, you can easily delete their card off of your access control system. Instead of spending money on a rekey, you can ensure the security of your establishment in mere minutes and at no additional cost.

North Georgia Key Works has the equipment and know-how to install an access control system at your establishment. Watch our latest video and see for yourself how a commercial locksmith service can transform your building’s level of security.

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