Safe Locksmith Services

When you imagine locksmiths, you probably think of the person you call when you lock your car keys in your vehicle. However, North Georgia Key Works is a locksmith business that’s dedicated to taking care of your safes, doors, and vaults, in addition to other lock types.

These safety implements protect what’s important to you, which makes them important to us too. At North Georgia Key Works, we go above and beyond to give you confidence that your safes are working properly to protect your most valued possessions.

At our locally owned business, every technician is trained to provide the best service in all things security, including using the latest technology. We don’t just open safes either. We offer safe repair services, moving services, lock installation, and more. That’s why we are the go-to choice for safe locksmiths across north Georgia, and the most trusted by local businesses. Your search for a “safe locksmith near me” can end here: We do more than the basics, because everyone deserves to feel secure.

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Whether you are locked out of your safe or the lock has mechanical failure, NG Keyworks can help. Need your safe moved? We can take care of that too! 

Safe Opening

Our team has accumulated the proper experience to handle all shapes and sizes of safes and vaults at North Georgia Key Works. If your gun safe is acting up, we are a top-rated gun safe locksmith here waiting to help you. From fire-proof steel safes to burglar-resistant safes, there are a variety of safes and locks out there that all have different mechanics, and all can leave you locked out when you least expect it. But with the skills and technology our trained combination locksmiths possess, every job is made simple. As professional safe locksmiths, we’ve had the chance to learn from our experiences about every lock there is. Our trained technicians have acquired the skills to open any sort of lock and will do it with minimal damage to the safe or vault. Whatever the case, you are guaranteed an unlocked safe in the end. Our locksmiths can even upgrade your locking system for you afterwards. Don’t suffer from the strain of prying open a box yourself when a trained professional is waiting to help at North Georgia Key Works.

Safe and Vault Repairs

There are a variety of factors that can damage safes such as weather, old age, forced entry, and more. If the integrity of your safe has been damaged by any of these variables, then it may not be protecting your valuables as well as it should be. It’s much easier for criminals to force their way into a damaged safe with a broken lock than a lock that functions properly. Don’t let the effectiveness of your safe be compromised: call an expert at North Georgia Key Works to fix the problem. Our safe locksmiths are not only trained in lock picking, but also lock repair. If your safe or vault is broken and not functioning correctly, a professional locksmith from North Georgia Key Works can offer their services, fast. Our technicians will be quick to reinforce the safety of your possessions by repairing the lock which protects them.

Safe Moving

Moving a safe can be a difficult task, especially when the safe weighs hundreds of pounds or more. It can be dangerous trying to lift such a large, heavy object, and if you’re not prepared, it can quickly go wrong. The safest and most efficient way to move a safe is through North Georgia Key Works. If you need a large safe transferred to another location, we have all the equipment ready for the job and will deliver the safe in the same condition. If you are hesitant to hire someone to move it for you, consider if the safe locksmith cost is worth you and your home’s safety. Calling a professional is always the best option for avoiding the risk. North Georgia Key Works is prepared for the job.

North Georgia Key Works: Trusted Safe Locksmith Company

You won’t find a better asset to your home safe repair and moving needs than NG Key Works. We provide skilled service and upfront pricing so you’re never caught off guard by exorbitant fees or shoddy workmanship. For more information about our locksmith, safe, and vault services, give us a call today: 706-974-8858