Dahlonega Commercial Locksmith

Dahlonega Commercial Locksmith

Dahlonega's Top-Rated Commercial Locksmith

The historic gold mining town serves a much higher population than it’s residence itself, with over 22,000 people flooding the Dahlonega area for local festivities throughout the year. For homeowners to business owners, having a reliable and trustworthy locksmith on call is essential. Dahlonega commercial locksmith  properties need a rock-solid and secure locking system to protect from local threats and be prepared for the influx of tourists each year. Because they are frequently used, these locks can become easily worn down from day-to-day wear and tear. That’s why we offer our clients yearly check-ups to ensure your locks are up to speed. NG Key Works provides exceptional commercial locksmith services to Dahlonega and the surrounding area. Whether you need a spare key made or are rekeying your building, NG Key is the Dahlonega commercial locksmith to call.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Dahlonega

In addition to rekeying and commercial emergency lockouts, NG Key provides a variety of Dahlonega commercial locksmith services. Our services are reasonably priced, and you can be sure your locks function correctly. Some of our most popular commercial services with the Dahlonega business owners include master key installation and access control services.

Master Key System

A hierarchical locking system that provides upper-level individuals with full accessibility while limited access for lower-level employees. Master Keys systems allow commercial property owners more control while reducing the number of circulating keys.

Access Control System

A keyless entry system that uses a cloud-based system to grant access while keeping an ongoing log of entrances.

Yearly Checks

A master key system should be checked periodically. Due to the amount of use the keys and locks will get, routine maintenance can ensure optimal performance. Not only that, but a yearly check from NG Key Works includes door closures, hinges, pivots, and building locks.

Emergency Work

There will be occasions that emergency work is needed. Unfortunately, break-ins or lock-outs do happen. As a business owner, you know the value of yearly contracts. For businesses with annual contracts, NG Key Works has a substantial discount for emergency commercial locksmith services and prioritizes these business owners in emergencies.

Fast Service

Having a dedicated locksmith on stand-by is invaluable as a business when dealing with break-ins and robberies. These unfortunate events most often occur outside of regular business hours. NG Key Works is equipped to deal with these situations and works with you to further increase your security.

Mischief never sleeps and lucky for you, neither does NG Key Works. For businesses dealing with break-ins and theft, having a responsive and reliable Dahlonega commercial locksmith is vital. We understand the value of knowing your commercial property is safe and secure. We respond to your call no matter what time of day it is. Our team at NG Key Works is experienced in dealing with these situations and works with you to increase your security.

Dahlonega's Top-Rated Commercial Locksmith

North Georgia Key Works has proudly served the little mountain town of Dahlonega for many years, as the provider for commercial, automotive, and residential locksmith services. From installing an access control system for those looking for a Dahlonega commercial locksmith service provider to responding to an emergency lockout on the UNG campus, NG Key Works can do it all. Call today and request a service with your favorite Dahlonega commercial locksmith. 

Dahlonega Locksmith Customers Reviews

We stand by our dependable, affordable locksmith services. We have decades of experience with locks and hardware of all types. We can even handle complicated smart keys and transponder systems! Not convinced? Check out what our customers have to say!

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