Safe Moving Company

Transporting safes can be a dangerous task, especially when a safe can easily weigh hundreds of pounds. You can hurt your back trying to move it, it could fall on you, and so many other things could go wrong. That’s why it’s important to not attempt moving a safe by yourself, and always call a professional first.

At North Georgia Key Works, we are not only expert automotive, residential, and commercial locksmiths, but have the resources and capabilities of a safe moving company. We know how to transport safes in a specialized manner that won’t harm the safe, your belongings, or your house. There will be no pushing a heavy safe through narrow passageways on your own. Our staff of professional locksmiths will be there to move the safe quickly and efficiently in a way where no one gets hurt.

Safe Moving Process

There’s no point in moving a heavy gun safe on your own. The locksmiths at NG Key Works have all the equipment and expertise for the job, from fire safe transportation to gun safe moving services. Moving large safes can be a dangerous task, so the operation should always be planned carefully to prevent damage. We will make sure there is an adequate route for moving your safe along, whether it’s moving the safe within your house or moving it to another building.

We will work with you to locate the best route in or out of your home that is large enough to fit the safe through and that will not cause damage to your home or belongings. Safety is always top priority when it comes to moving. Using the proper equipment and procedures, your safe will arrive at its destination in perfect condition with our gun safe moving company.

Safe Moving Equipment

It takes special equipment to move a thousand pound safe, and most people don’t have that on hand. It’s okay if you don’t have things like a high-grade safe moving dolly and a ramp: North Georgia Key Works can take care of everything with our safe moving services! We bring whatever is necessary to move the safe and you don’t have to worry about a thing. All equipment is checked to be in proper condition and is graded high enough to carry the weight ahead of time. Every technician is trained on how to properly use the equipment, so everyone on our experienced team knows how to get the moving job done right.

NG Key Works Offers the Best Value in Safe Moving Services

The locksmiths at North Georgia Key Works can help with more than just locks. We also offer a safe moving service that ensures your safe is properly transported to its destination. If you have questions about this service, North Georgia keyworks can be contacted at 706-974-8858. Take the risk out of safe transportation with the help of a professional at upfront and fair rates.