Safe Opening Service

It can be really frustrating when your safe or vault door suddenly seems to become stuck, with all of your valuable possessions trapped inside. Whether you’re having issues with a lost key, forgotten combination, mechanical issue, or technological malfunction, it’s never fun to be barred from accessing your own belongings. 

A stuck door or broken combination pad shouldn’t keep you out of your gun safe or fire safe in case of an emergency. Before stressing or spending hours trying to solve the problem on your own, consider calling a technician from North Georgia Key works to do the work for you with our trusted safe opening services.


Can a locksmith open a safe?

Do locksmiths open safes? Yes we do! If you’re having trouble opening a safe, give us a call, and one of our locksmiths will be over ASAP to assess your situation and solve the problem. Our trained technicians have the skills and knowledge to both determine the cause of the issue and open up the safe with minimal damage. With our safe opening services, you’ll once again be prepared for the worst and have full access to what’s yours. Trust us, calling us is much easier than struggling with the problem on your own or having to get in touch with the manufacturer, which can take time you just don’t have.

How to Open a Safe That’s Locked or Broken

We know how to open a safe without a key or combination. While there are lots of different types of locks that come on a safe, from manual to electronic to combination and biometric, our experts at North Georgia Key Works have the knowledge and skills to crack every one of them. We know all about how the different locks function and will be able to manipulate them into opening. Our experts strive for fast service and minimal damage. After your safe is unlocked, they can also help to change the combination or install an electric keypad.

Have a safe that just won’t open?

If you know that your safe doesn’t have a dead battery, or you’re putting in the correct combination to no avail, then figuring out why your safe is stuck shut can be a frustrating mystery. You’ll need the help of a safe opening expert for this case. It’s always a better idea to ask for the help of a professional before you stress out and damage the safe or harm yourself trying to force entry.

An expert from North Georgia Key Works is sure to find a solution to your stuck safe. Not only that, but they’ll have it back open in no time. Make sure to call us before worrying about a difficult safe: We’ll take care of it fast and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Never Forcefully Open a Safe

If you don’t know how to open a safe, you may consider just breaking it open. However, forcefully opening a shut safe is never a good idea. It can cause damage to the safe, it’s contents, or even you. Picking locks isn’t something that can be easily learned on youtube, but bending the box out of shape won’t help things either. Make things simple by calling a professional locksmith for your safe opening job instead. We are sure to be able to pick open the lock and open your safe without you going through all the trouble. The contents will remain undisturbed inside the safe, and it will be ready for use once again.

Safe Opening Made Easy with
NG Key Works!

Next time you’re locked out of a safe, skip the stress and hassle by calling for a locksmith at North Georgia Keyworks. Our expert locksmiths will find the problem and take care of it fast. Your safe will be open again before you know it. To schedule a service or ask about how we can help, North Georgia Key Works can be reached at 706-974-8858. There’s no need to deal with a stubborn safe ever again: our experts will take care of it for you.