Preventing Locks From Freezing

How to Prevent Your Locks from Freezing

Winter weather can be unpredictable, especially in north Georgia. Our weather can go from 70° and sunny to freezing rain and sleet, with temperatures dipping below freezing in a matter of hours, so being prepared is essential to your and your family’s safety. While most cold weather events don’t hang around for very long, there have been occasions when an extremely cold weather system has kept temperatures below freezing for up to a week.

What Happens to My Locks During Cold Weather

Consider yourself lucky if you can park your car underneath a carport or inside of a heated garage during cold weather. For many residents of North Georgia, this isn’t the case, and freezing rain, sleet, and snow can cover our vehicles, requiring removal with a window scraper, a gloved hand, or whatever tool is nearby.

Another thing that can happen during a cold weather event, especially when liquid precipitation freezes on your vehicle, is frozen locks. A frozen lock can be inconvenient and difficult to unfreeze if temperatures remain below freezing. However, there are ways to prevent the locks on your car and home from freezing with a few easy steps.

Apply a Lock Lubricant

There are several types of products that are beneficial when it comes to lubricating your locks. One product that you probably already have around the house is WD-40, which is used to lubricate all sorts of stuck and stubborn metal parts. WD-40 is great to use in short-term situations but not ideal for use over an extended winter period, as it can degrade your lock tumblers over time.

Here at North Georgia Key Works, we recommend a lubricant made from Teflon or graphite, which is considered a dry lube and won’t leave your locks sticky and gunky after extended periods of use. These common lock lubricants are available online and at most large retailers, including Walmart, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware.

Other Household Items Useful in a Pinch

If you don’t have one of the products listed above, chances are you have Vaseline or petroleum jelly, both helpful in combating wintertime disruptions to our routines. Practical uses include applying to lips and hands to prevent chapping and applying to small cuts, scrapes, and wounds to keep them moist to expedite healing.

To use Vaseline or petroleum jelly as a lubricant, dip the key into the mixture and insert it into your locks several times. Performing this easy process at least weekly means a hassle-free winter–at least where your locks are concerned. 

Lastly, another way to prevent your locks from freezing during a cold snap is to place a magnet over the keyhole. A magnet will attach to the lock, preventing moisture from seeping in and freezing.

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