Access Control System

Why Your Business Needs an Access Control System

If you own anything of value, whether it’s in your home or at your business, one of the things you must constantly watch out for is theft. While we all like to see the good in people, some don’t respect the boundaries of other people’s property and will take it for their own personal gain. 

One of the best ways to protect your company’s assets is by having a security system that tracks and monitors access to your business locations. Let’s look at why your business can benefit from security options, like having a key access system for entry into the building and limited access for employees into other departments, all of which can be installed by your friendly local business locksmith.

Access Control System: What is it?

An access control system is a security measure used to control entry into and around different areas of your business. It provides your business with a keypad that can be programmed to your specifications and keeps a record of who enters your secured areas and where they go once inside secure locations. These access points help to control entry into your locations and can help reduce accidents and other incidents which could harm your employees and your business.

Reduce Employee Theft

No one likes to think that employees will steal from their employers, but it’s naive to believe that it doesn’t happen. While financial institutions and other retail establishments have cash control procedures in place to monitor employee behavior, theft can and still does incur. Employees can remove office supplies, company inventory, and even customer information like credit card numbers and banking information. Limiting access to only qualified personnel can go a long way in protecting the security of your company’s future.

Keys Are No Longer Needed

They say the early bird gets the worm, and if you have employees who like to get an early start on their day, but don’t have a way to access the building until someone with a key shows up, then a key access system is a smart choice. When everyone has an access card, coming in early or staying late solves the problem of having a keyholder. Plus, with so many companies now offering flexible schedules, managers can monitor employee attendance remotely.

Another reason you should consider an access control system for your business is to prevent employees from getting locked out of their place of work. With several options to choose from, including the use of a badge to control entry, or a numbered keypad, where employees can enter a code to allow access, it eliminates the need for management to be on the premises at all times.

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