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How to Open a Safe When You’re Locked Out

When a safe is jammed or you don’t know the code, there’s always the option of prying it open. 

However, this option is strenuous, and prying or drilling can cause unnecessary damage to the safe. For a high-quality and well-built safe, this won’t be easy to do either. That’s when a professional locksmith is needed for the job. 

A professional safe locksmith may be able to get your safe open without messing it up, and the process will take a lot less effort and trial and error on your part. You’re a lot more likely to damage the safe by forcing it open on your own, too. Instead, avoid the stress and call a lock expert to take care of the problem for you.

How to Open a Combination Safe

If you’ve found yourself locked out of a combination safe due to a forgotten or lost code, you may be wondering how to open a combination safe without the combination. Because there are probably some important things trapped inside that safe, it’s understandable you’d like access to your belongings as quickly as possible. But safes are meant to keep others out, and the task won’t be easy. 

Combination safes come in two forms: dial safes and digital safes. Dial safes are an old technology that most people are very familiar with, and involve an external dial that will unlock the door of a safe when turned to a specific combination or pattern. These safes don’t rely on batteries or electrical plug-ins, and tend to last longer than digital safes. 

Digital safes typically use an electronic keypad, which has the benefit of being easily changed whenever the user wishes. If your digital safe runs on a battery that you forgot to replace, or you have tried the wrong combination too many times, you may find yourself easily locked out of a digital safe. 

Damaging a safe should be the last resort when you need to open a combination safe. For dial safes, many have an emergency key that can be used when the combination is lost or forgotten. Some digital safes also have these emergency keys, but can also be reset through the safe’s bolt openings. 

Sometimes, a misplaced emergency key can spell a complete lockout for a safe owner. When this happens, you may be tempted to use force to enter the safe. This can be unsafe, especially if saws or blow torches get involved. The best method for opening a combination safe without a combination is to call a trusted safe locksmith like North Georgia Key Works, who can try to access the safe first without force, and then recommend a method of forcing the safe open if necessary. Locksmiths have the proper tools and experience to perform safe openings without causing harm to themselves or others.

How to Open a Safe Without a Key

The internet is rife with DIY options for picking a safe when the key is lost or the lock is jammed. From magnets to paper clips to screwdrivers, there are many options for attempting to access a safe when you’re locked out. Some of these options may work, but some may also irrevocably damage your safe’s locking mechanism, leaving you with no choice but to purchase a new one or pay for costly repairs. 

Most of the time, a key lock can be successfully picked by a professional, and the safe won’t have to be damaged in the process. The locksmiths at North Georgia Key Works are trained in picking locks, including those on safes, and can work to unlock your safe with little to no damage to the locking mechanism or the box itself. If you need to open a safe without a key, give us a call and we will come out to assess the situation. 

Can a Locksmith Open a Safe? 

When you think of a locksmith, your mind probably goes to the person you call to help you get into your car after you lock your keys in. And while that certainly is a task that locksmiths are trained to do, the locksmiths at North Georgia Key Works can also open house doors, commercial master key systems, and safes and vaults.  They are also skilled in locksmith safe repair, and can help you move a safe or vault, whether you’re moving across town or just need the safe moved to another room. We specialize in all services involving safes, vaults, and all sorts of other locks. There’s no need to hesitate if you need assistance with yours!

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Get Safe Locksmith Services from North Georgia Key Works

North Georgia Key Works is more than the average locksmith. We do so much more, including master key pad installation, access control services, and lock repair and rekeying services for homes and commercial buildings. As your local “ safe opening company near me,” our locksmiths also have plenty of developed skills when it comes to safe opening services. If you are locked out of a safe, we will be sure to open it with minimal to no damage. For help with a range of lockpicking or installation services at any time of day, we can be trusted with the job. Just give us a call! 706-974-8858