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When to Call a Locksmith vs When to Call a Car Dealership

Before you drain your wallet trying to get a replacement key for your car, know that the dealership is not your only option.  Another choice is available that is faster, less expensive, and comes with many additional benefits. In this blog, we are going to discuss when you can benefit from a local locksmith and why. The truth is that many locksmiths can operate on vehicles to create replacement keys or service a lockout. North Georgia Key Works has the knowledge to solve any dilemma involving automobile locks just as well as the dealership.

When You Need Quick Service For a Lockout

Let’s say you have work in just a few short hours when you notice that your keys are locked inside the car. You could take it to the dealership, but you can’t get into the car to drive it there. And maybe the dealership isn’t open yet for the day. This is a situation that many people have encountered and the right person to call are the emergency locksmiths at North Georgia Key Works. We can take care of lockouts fast by coming straight to your location and are not limited by the hours of a dealership. That’s how we provide the fastest lockout service possible.

When You Want to Save Money on a Replacement Key

There is always a more cost effective option for replacement keys than a pricey dealership. With the help of a locksmith, a new key can be created and programmed at a lower price. Yes, most locksmiths can make and program replacement car keys just like the dealership. The only difference is that dealers will charge more money for the same services.

When You Don’t Want the Hassle of Visiting a Dealership

Going to a dealership often means waiting in long lines and being limited by the hours they are open. However, lockouts don’t wait. They can happen at any time of day. And we’ve all had trouble with pushy salespeople at dealerships who always find something wrong with our cars. Not to mention that a lockout or missing key means it will be difficult to get to the dealership in the first place. However, all these trials can be avoided, because locksmiths are flexible with their services and timing. North Georgia Key Works can solve problems on-site, whenever you need them. 

When Should You Call the Dealership?

In reality, most anything having to do with the locks on an automobile can be taken care of by a locksmith. Though dealers can do these same services involving locks, it is oftentimes more inconvenient and expensive. Although the dealership is always an option, there is never a time that you will be forced to call them over a lock issue. Instead, you can call independent locksmiths for lockouts and replacement keys.

North Georgia’s #1 Automotive Locksmith

When you need an affordable automotive locksmith service, call North Georgia Key Works! We are a skilled and dependable locksmith service in north Georgia. At affordable,upfront pricing, you’ll have access to many different solutions for your cars, home, and safes. There’s no need to spend extra time and money at the dealership when an affordable locksmith is ready to help. Call 706-974-8858 to solve the problem fast.